Our Facilities

When we were creating South City Hospital, one of the main focuses was the provision of healthcare in a relaxing and pleasant environment—one that doesn’t feel like a hospital’s. Therefore SCH pays special attention to architecture and ambience in the same manner that a hotel does. Unlike most hospitals in Pakistan that are characterized by sterile, impersonal interiors and poorly attired staff, SCH attempts to raise the bar to make a patient and their family’s experience as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

Catering to a market that appreciates and expects personalized service, the facility focuses on details that go beyond medical care. The entrance is hidden by trees and running water, both serving not only to calm the nerves but also muffle the sound of traffic. Inside, a rich red is used on the walls and furniture—quite unlike the palettes used at traditional medical facilities. We have also been selective with our finishing materials which are robust yet easy to maintain. Take for example, the special Italian bacteria-repellant carpets in the corridors and sound reduction materials so the corridors are not noisy as you will find in other establishments.

Simple and understated details such as recessed lighting or colorful seating for a children’s play area add a personal touch to the surroundings. Care has been taken to allow natural light through large widows and courtyards. And four floors of the hospital look down into this courtyard which functions as the hospital cafeteria.

Patient rooms are clean and efficiently planned with a dining table, a writing table and day bed which also doubles as a sofa bed. Most of all, the patient’s windows overlook green spaces. We have several choices of accommodation designed to meet various budgets.

All floors have fire exits and are completely fitted with up-to-date safety equipment. Exterior and multi-floor security is controlled in‐house. SCH has its own laundry, gourmet restaurant plus a flower shop. It operates its own sterilization unit, housekeeping and pharmacy services.

Ground Floor
The ground floor is accessed by two entrances, the main one having public and designated parking. Along with the flower shop, there is also a gourmet restaurant on this floor. At each entrance, there is a pharmacy, a laboratory and a blood bank. It also includes an emergency room (with 20+ beds, an operating room and a plaster room) and out-patient clinics. It has a fully equipped radiology unit that covers MRI, CT scan, digital X‐Rays, ultra‐sound and mammography diagnostics.

First Floor
The first floor houses five VIP rooms, 12 private rooms and 14 semi-private rooms (shared by two persons). Along one side is the baby unit and nursery that includes a four-cot Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with ventilator support and incubators.

Second Floor
The second floor has six state‐of‐the art operating theatres, each designated and fully equipped for different surgical specialties, including cardiac surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, laparoscopic or keyhole surgery and gynecological surgery. The cardiac unit has a state‐of‐the‐art system with its own Cath Lab for angiographies and invasive cardiology, as well as the echocardiogram and stress test facility. A five-bed surgical intensive care unit is linked to the operating theatre corridor to take care of cardiac surgery patients. It also includes a neurosurgery and endoscopy suite. This floor also has four labour and delivery suites with comprehensive safety and care equipment. All areas are equipped to monitor patients with epidural pain relief.

Third Floor
The third floor has 13 private, six semi-private and one VIP room, including two general wards for males and females with five beds each. It also houses the administrative block, which includes the boardroom, accounts, general administration and a 60-seat auditorium for conferences, lectures and training. This space is served by its own dedicated elevator.

Fourth Floor

The Fourth floor has 25 Private Rooms & 8 General Ward Male with 8 General Ward Female.

The Reception desk is located on the side facing Shahrah-e-Firdousi. Our staff there are happy to guide you on general queries, consultant information and timings and any of our facilities. They can connect you to any of the specialty clinics or departments.

Extension: 0 & 388

The Courtyard
In the centre of the hospital is a quiet, calm place where you can enjoy a meal away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital. The Courtyard has an extensive menu which is also available for room service.

Extension: 203 & 363

The Dhaba
Right next to the front parking lot you will find our informal dhaba where excellent tea is served round the clock along with subsidized freshly prepared meals three times a day, ranging from omlettes and parathas to daal and karhai chicken. We highly recommend grabbing one of the piping hot aloo samosas that are made from scratch every day at 5pm. A range of soft drinks, juices and bottled water is also available here and a small stall offers candy and crisps. If you fancy a quick bun kebab, you will find them at a vendor at the entrance.

Our staff has a separate cafeteria space where they have the option of subsidized meals. This space is, however, not available for patients and attendants.

Extension: 420

Parking and Valet service
When you visit South City Hospital you have a choice of parking in front, on the Shahrah-e-Firdousi side or at the back next to the Emergency Room. Please note that the valet service is not run by SCH and they charge the standard Rs100. We request that patients advise their drivers to refrain from clogging up the entrance areas as a courtesy to others.

Security & CCTV
For the safety and security of our staff, consultants, patients and their attendants we have installed CCTV surveillance inside and along the exterior of SCH. Security teams monitor the entire premises 24 hours a day. Please note that armed private security guards are not allowed inside the hospital.

The front of the hospital closes its gate at 10pm each day. Please approach from the Emergency Room side around the block.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact GM Ops Humair Noor or his team managers Gibran Butt or Noman Khan.

Extension: 271, 387, 325

SCH has created a space for daily prayers with a special area reserved for women. A muezzin and cleric are in attendance for each Namaz. The mosque can accommodate up to 50 men and 10 women. Facilities are provided for Wuzu as well. Please note that the ladies space is closed on Sundays and kept shut after 10pm daily. Please ask the security guard at the gate to open it if you wish to use the space.


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