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Welcome to our new look!

You are looking at the new South City Hospital website and we hope you like it. It took us a year to revamp our old one which was made in 2007. The upgraded version has approximately 300 pages and we hope each one of them is informative and helpful to you. 

The new website is entirely geared to the patient and their family. This is why the home page’s first point of entry is the ‘Need an Appointment’ page because we know that you want to be easily access your doctor’s telephone number to book a consultation.

The website is now divided into 5 major areas:

Treatments and Specialties: Here we provide information on each department. We talked to our doctors on your most frequently asked questions and concerns and included all of them. Our IVF section, for example, walks a couple through the entire process of subfertility options.

Find a Consultant: This section lists all our consultants with their bios and contact information. They are listed alphabetically and there is considerable overlap with Treatments and Specialties as we didn’t want you to get lost while searching for someone.

For Patients: This is a section which gives you all the information you may need from the minute you walk past our doors to the time you leave. Billing, admissions, room choices, the kind of nursing care we provide, even home health care are all detailed here with the contact number for our key staff who manage these areas.

Critical Care: This is perhaps our most important section as we provide information on all our intensive care units. We even explain how our staff works and provide diagrams on what an ICU bed and all its equipment looks like. We discuss end-of-life decision making for a family as well. This section is based on the understanding that ICUs are overwhelming places for patients and their families. We believe, however, that the better informed you are, the easier it is to deal with a medical case.

Diagnostic Services: Are you scheduled in for a barium enema but are too scared or embarrassed to ask what happens? Well, this section details each and every radiology test we perform at SCH, what you should know before, during and after. We hope that this will make your experience less stressful. We also give details on our Cath lab for heart patients and their families. Keep the contact numbers handy for emergencies!

As SCH continues to grow and improve the website will adjust and we hope that your feedback will help us do an even better job. Please do contact us with any requests for information you’d like to see on it or any experiences you’d like to share. This is your website, make it work for you.

Yours sincerely,
Mahim Maher
Website Editor

Website design: Imran Ahmed of Jump Activations
Website developer: Raza Rizwan of Jump Activations
Photo Credits: Noor Fareed, Backstage, Mahim Maher, Dr Shahid Sami, Dr Mumtaz Maher

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