Fistulogram: X-ray between 2 organs

A Fistulogram is an x-ray procedure to view an abnormal passage (fistula) between two or more organs. It may include a passage from inside the body, to an opening on the skin. Contrast (once called as x-ray dye) is used to identify the start of the fistula, its pathway and what organs are involved.


The medical imaging department will give you instructions on how to prepare for your procedure.  Please tell the staff if you are or suspect you might be pregnant.

During the procedure

X-ray pictures are taken of the fistula area.  A small tube is then inserted into the opening of the fistula.  Contrast is injected into the fistula through the tube while x-ray pictures are taken.  The tube is removed. More x-ray pictures may be taken.

After the procedure

If your fistula is an abnormal opening on the outside of the body your wound site will be cleaned and dressed. 

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